Intel Xeon E5-2695 V2 - 2.40GHz 12 Core

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Core Count:


Intel Xeon E5-2695 V2 CPU Processor with Arctic Silver

Processor Step Code SR1BA
Number Of Cores 12 Cores
Number of Threads
24 Threads
TDP (Wattage) 115w

Fits Following Server Models with appropriate Power Supply:

  • Dell R720XD , Dell R720 , Dell R620
  • HP DL380P , HP DL360P

Warranty Information

To ensure the best product is sent to our customers, all systems are built to order from the ground up, fully tested, updated, and warrantied. We do not dropship any system. Every unit is built in-house by a team of expert engineers. The engineers check and test all components that go into every system. Once all testing is completed, they initiate hardware updates and begin the warranty process. A full build audit is then generated and stored into our database with the order number. This audit includes a list of every component and their respective serial numbers. A shortened version of this audit will be included with the warranty paperwork shipped with each system.