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"Draw A Kraken on the Box"

We received a very strange request from one of our customers during our starting years at SaveMyServer. Around 15 years ago there was a viral trend of making absurd and unusual requests when ordering pizza, such as "make a smiley face with the pepperoni" or "write a joke on the pizza box" or "deliver in your pajamas". This was before Facebook existed, so going viral meant uploading the joke to your myspace account or showing friends on your phone. Text messages were just text back then as the first generation iPhone had been released. We only received one specialized request during this interned fad. It was a plea on our order form from one of our hip and intelligent IT customers who probably had a killer myspace account that blinked like a disco ball and played a rad theme song. Under comments it simply said "Please Draw a Kraken on the Box".


A Pivotal Moment

So, what did we do? It was a slow day and one of our technicians had more talent than the others. He spent an hour adding some creative flare to our packaging. Here it is – meet Kelvin the Kraken! This is the only photo that we have of the box - sorry for the flip phone quality.

Looking back, creating this drawing was a defining moment for our small startup company. We made the decision to go out of our way and make the extra effort at the request of a customer. Over the years, we have continued our customer commitment and we believe this is the primary reason we have grown into the leading seller of refurbished servers. Our talented technician has since finished his architectural degree from Georgia Tech and now does most of his drawing in CAD for another Atlanta-based company. A lot has changed since our beginning days. However, our commitment to our customers continues to define our company.

Success Through Failure

Unfortunately, not every delivery has a happy ending. We have refurbished and shipped over 100,000 servers during the lifetime of our company. Because of their weight and size, we have just under a 1.6% damage rate through our carriers. Often the damage is metal bending and that is unexplainable and can't be reproduced in our drop tests. We’ve worked hard with our carriers and supply companies to reduce the failure rate, but this means we’ve had over 1,600 servers lost or arrive damaged in one way or another over the last 15 years. We sincerely regret if this has happened to you and apologize in advance if this happens on a future order. We know your time is important and waiting for a replacement server is a big inconvenience. We are one of the few companies that you can call and quickly reach a representative. We will take care of you and your order – this is our company commitment.<

Our Customer Focus is our Key to Success

Providing individual attention to our customers continues to be a defining aspect of SaveMyServer. It is what separates SaveMyServer from other firms. We realize the importance of your time and the need for available support after your purchase. We will work hard to get it right and work even harder to make it right. This is the SaveMyServer way.

Oh, one final thing. Please don't ask us to draw anything else! Our current technicians know the insides and outsides of servers and their components, but their artistic skills are lacking. We can help you configure a server with a petabyte of storage or point you to a deal under your budget, but we can't draw. You would most likely get a sharpie scribble that is a cross between cubism and anime with a strong emphasis on kindergarten-ism! We are afraid our artwork would disappoint and that is the last thing we would want to do.

About SaveMyServer

SaveMyServer is a fast-growing asset management company located in Suwanee GA (in the Greater Atlanta Area). We are the go-to company for businesses and organizations nationwide for refurbished servers and IT equipment. We offer refurbished servers and server parts, IT liquidation, remarketing, recycling and asset management services. Whether you need to increase, reduce, or inventory your used IT assets, SaveMyServer can provide the service and products for you. SaveMyServer is partnered with remarketing companies across the US, making the benefits available right where you are located. SaveMyServer will help you and your company benefit from end-to-end IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions. Experience world-class services delivered with a personal touch. We are the small business and home lab experts.


SaveMyServer is the go-to company for businesses and organizations nationwide for refurbished servers and server parts. Benefit from end-to-end IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions. Whether you need to increase, reduce, or inventory your used IT assets, we have the right data management solutions for your business.

We Are Here to Help

Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about a project or type of server. Our server specialists will be happy to walk through your project with you and identify your requirements.

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