Dell 1U Servers

Why Choose a Refurbished Pre-Configured 1U Dell Server?

We have hand selected some of our most popular configurations for our "Best Selling Dell Servers" section.  Many of these configurations can be found on our Ebay or Amazon channels.  

Why Should I Purchase from the Website Over Ebay Or Amazon?

Excellent question! Ebay and Amazon listings and sales only offer a maximum of a 60 Day Hardware Warranty.  By purchasing from our website we save on third party fees and pass those savings onto you! 

All Refurbished Dell Servers purchased off SaveMyServer come with a standard 365 day hassle free warranty.  Purchase from our website and have the piece of mind that your refurbished server hardware is covered from any problems. *warranty 365 Day from delivery or order unless otherwise stated.

Don't See What You Want?

If you want fully customizable units you can head over to our Configure To Order section for fully custom systems tailored to your specific needs.

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