Legacy Dell Servers

What is a Legacy Dell Server?

Legacy Dell servers are still refurbished by SaveMyServer technicians but they have reached EOL status (End of Life).  This means that they are not eligible for our 1-Year warranty we offer on non legacy dell equipment.  If you are interested in our standard warranty you can check out any system that is 12th Generation Dell or newer.  All Legacy Dell Servers are boot to BIOS only and we cannot offer any updates to firmware.

Why Should I Purchase a Legacy Dell Server?

Are you new to Information Technology or looking to learn what enterprise class server systems can do?  A legacy dell server might be a low cost entry point that makes sense for a lot of people.  The equipment might be of older generations but it still utilizes a lot of current generation Dell systems like iDRAC , windows operating systems, etc.  If you are looking for a good budget minded home server or business server, our EOL Refurbished Dell Legacy Servers might be just what you are looking for.

What is the Warranty on a Legacy Dell Server?

All legacy dell servers are only eligible for our 10-day hardware warranty and no returns are offered for any equipment.  

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