Legacy Dell Servers

What is a Legacy Dell Server?

Legacy Dell servers are still refurbished by SaveMyServer technicians but they have reached EOL status (End of Life).  This means that they are not eligible for our PREMIER SMS+ 1-Year Hardware Warranty.  If you are interested in our standard warranty you can check out any system that is 13th Generation Dell or newer.  All Legacy Dell Servers are boot to BIOS only and we cannot offer any updates to firmware.

Why Dont You Offer Legacy Dell Servers Anymore?

12th Generation and older Dell servers are well past the end of life date and we no longer support them. In almost every case you are better off looking at the 13th Generation servers as the price difference, performance, and power is almost the same.  We only have listings on our website to show that we used to carry these models and would love to have a conversation with you about upgrading to a newer system.


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