Dell R550

The Dell PowerEdge R550 : Dells Latest Gen Technology In-Stock!

All Dell PowerEdge R550s come with the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Gold / Silver CPU capability.  All of our Refurbished Dell R550 Servers provide any client the ideal balance of performance and affordability.  Similar to the previous generation R540, the R550 offers up to 16 2.5" Drive bays.  With limited DDR4 RAM Slots (16 DIMMs) and processors capped at a 165W TDP, this is a perfect scaled down version of the larger Dell R740XD 2U Server.   The Dell R550s also offer NVME M.2 Capability via its BOSS Card System (Boot Optimized Storage SubSystem) as well as onboard m.2 slots in the rear. 

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