DDR4 Upgrade Kits

DDR4 Mempry Upgrade Options

Want to upgrade your existing Dell or HP Machine with more RAM Dimms? On this page we have serveral options to upgrade any machine in quantites starting at *2x 16GB.   We offer speeds from 2133 all the way up to the 2933 speed that current generation Dell /HP Machines can operate.  If you are upgrading a system, please do not mix RAM speeds as that is not compatible.   Also please remember that certain ram speeds may not be obtainable based on your systems configuration.  RAM speed is dependent on other factors such as type of CPU.  Some system are TDP Wattage limited so they will not be compatible with higher speed RAM.  Please consult our technical guide or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*We do not sell single sticks of RAM