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Your Refurbished Dell & Servers For Top-Notch Quality & Performance

We recognize that not everyone has the same speed and data requirements. It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up your first homelab or expanding your small business. SaveMyServer offers a wide variety of fully customizable refurb Dell servers to meet your specific needs.

Our 12th generation to 15th generation servers are suitable for your data center or high-storage job. The massive storage space and processing power can handle even your most demanding workloads.

Built By Experts | 100% Customizable | 24/7 Support

With a plethora of Dell tower customization options, SaveMyServer ensures that everyone has access to cutting-edge servers at competitive prices. Choose your drives, RAM, and RAID cards to build the refurbished Dell tower server of your dreams.

SaveMyServer will do the rest! Our expert technicians will work off of your quote, building your refurbished Dell server from the ground up. We only use the highest quality grade components. Rest assured that your system will be built with meticulous care and attention to detail.