HP Server Builds

Welcome to our "Best Selling Servers" Section. These units are based on some of our popular models you might find on other channels like eBay or Amazon.

Why Choose a Refurbished Pre-Configured HP Server?

Built with enterprise-grade features, our Refurbished HP ProLiant servers offer unmatched workload optimization. Get the best of both worlds with our top-sellers—expand your server as your business grows while keeping your costs low.

Why Should I Purchase an HP server refurbished from Save My Server?

You might notice a better price for HP used servers here on our website than the top two marketplaces: Amazon and eBay! That’s because we don’t have the following: No third-party fees. No limited 60-day warranty. Buy used HP Servers off our site for a standard 365-day hassle-free warranty.

Don't See What You Want?

If you want fully customizable units you can head over to our Configure To Order section and build a refurb HP server tailored to your specific needs. Our easy-to-use configuration tool and tech experts are ready to help you achieve the custom HP server you've always wanted.

HP Configure to Order