Dell PowerEdge T620 Tower Server | 2x E5-2697 v2 2.7Ghz 24 Cores | 192GB RAM | 4x 1TB SSD

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Dell 12th Gen Towers - Back in Stock!:

Guess who just got back today? That's right, we just located and found some Dell T620 Tower servers. While these might be older Dell 12th generation units, these 16-Bay 2.5" towers servers are being given a fresh life with an addition of 4x New 1TB SATA SSDs. This combination offers a great selection of RAID levels, including RAID 5, 6, or 10, for various redundancy and storage configurations. There's still room to grow as well with the server's 12x additional drive-bays.

For the CPUs, we're going with the best in class E5-2697 v2 processors giving a total of 24 physical CPU cores and 48 threads with Intel Hypertheading. These should still be able to run a mid-level virtualized environment or a heavily tuned homelab with a number of different applications, provided they are supported by the software. Be sure to double check!

Additionally the 192GB of 1600MHz RAM will allow for a good number of virtual machines each with a solid alotment of memory. These DIMMs are 16GB modules that are installed in 12x of the systems 24x DIMM slots, so there's room to double if needed. If that's the case, be sure to check out our related products at the bottom as needed!

Let us know if you have any other questions on this server and we'll be glad to answer them!

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Deal of the Week Specifications:

Condition  Fully Refurbished, Tested, and Cleaned
Brand Dell T620 16-Bay 2.5" Tower Server
Processors 2x Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2- 2.70GHz 12 Core CPUs 
Memory 12x16GB 1600MHz - 192GB TOTAL DDR3
Hard Drives

4x New Crucial 1TB 2.5" SATA Solid State Drives

RAID Dell PCIe H710 RAID Controller - 512MB Cache
Power Supplies 2x 1100W Power Supplies
Form Factor 16-Bay 2.5" Tower Server
I/O slots


Embedded 2-Port 1Gbps RJ-45 Network Adapter LoM

Rear Ports: 
PCIe: 6x Full-Height PCIe 3.0 Slots


Warranty Information

To ensure the best product is sent to our customers, all systems are built to order from the ground up, fully tested, updated, and warrantied. We do not dropship any system. Every unit is built in-house by a team of expert engineers. The engineers check and test all components that go into every system. Once all testing is completed, they initiate hardware updates and begin the warranty process. A full build audit is then generated and stored into our database with the order number. This audit includes a list of every component and their respective serial numbers. A shortened version of this audit will be included with the warranty paperwork shipped with each system.