PowerEdge R510

Dell PowerEdge R510 Server

Refurbished Dell PowerEdge R510 Servers fall under our Legacy Server systems.  These units provide 2U rack server performance with up to 12x 3.5" Drive bays.  Legacy Refurbished Dell R510s use the Intel Xeon X5600 CPU family.  We offer limited configuration options for these systems due to them being EOL (End of Life).  No Updates to firmware are offered and all system are in Boot to Bios condition.  If you are looking for fully customizable systems with our 1-Year warranty, you can check out the newer replacement for the Dell R510, the 12th Generation R720XD Server.

What is the Warranty on a Legacy Dell Server?

All legacy dell servers are only eligible for our 10-day hardware warranty and no returns are offered for any equipment.  

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